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Welcome to Flight Attendant Consultant!!

The purpose of this site and the purpose of this business is for one reason, and one reason only…….to help you achieve your dream of working as an airline flight attendant. Our primary goal is to assist prospective airline flight attendant candidates, step by step, in your pursuit of a career in the airline industry.

We offer services to advise, coach, and consult with airline flight attendant career candidates, step by step, in their pursuit of a career in the airline industry. We offer flight attendant consultant career services.

Applying to work as an Airline Flight Attendant, is extremely competitive. Each month, most airlines receive hundreds or even thousands of applications and resumes. Therefore, to give yourself an edge over other candidates, being prepared is vital.

We offer to work with you, step by step, to assist you from the time you apply to work as a flight attendant, up to and including when you are actually working flights and trips.

Whether you are 21, or in your 60’s, airlines will hire men and women, who can meet the airline requirements, pass the FAA 10 year back round check, and successfully pass the 4-6 week FAA initial flight attendant training.

So, if you have the desire, and are truly interested in pursuing
a flight attendant career, now is the time to take action! I lived the “dream” of working as an airline flight attendant.
Now, it is your turn to realize your dream too!

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